Nasiol CabinShine shields the interior plastic materials from sunlight and helps to combat premature aging and discoloration.

The dashboard, glove box, console, door handles, are all prone to dust, aging, and fading. To prevent interior plastic, rubber, and vinyl parts from deteriorating, protecting them with a specially formulated solution like Nasiol CabinShine is required. Nasiol CabinShine is advised to be used after cleaning the surfaces with Nasiol TEM APC Pro.


  • Revitalizes the plastic, rubber, and vinyl parts of the interior of the vehicle.
  • It repels dust and dirt build-up.
  • Illuminates the interior parts and keeps your automobile looking newer.
  • It extends the life of interior vehicle components.


Interior plastics of vehicles.


  • Surfaces should be dry and free of any dust, stain, and other contamination.
  • Product is applied via spraying with trigger or spreading with sponge till surface shines.
  • Wipe the treated surface using the application pad or a lint-free cloth and gently rub to cover the entire area.


  • Nasiol CabinShine Bottle
original appearance

Original Appearance

long lasting shine

Long Lasting Shine

protection from sunlight

Protection from Sunlight and Dust


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Nasiol CleaRub 105 (250g/500g/1kg)
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