Nasiol CabinCare is a powerful stain repellent solution that is formulated to deter harmful stain-causing substances from the surfaces of fabric base seats and floors.

Nasiol CabinCare is designed to prevent dirt, liquid, and mold from penetrating the fabric, thus preventing staining and making cleaning a breeze. Nasiol Cabincare also maintains the appearance and breathability of all material.


  • Guards against spontaneous spills penetrating car seats.
  • Simple to apply; spray it and let it dry.
  • Increases the lifespan of the seats.
  • One application lasts up to 6 months.
  • Non-allergic and toxic free formula.


Upholsteries, carpets, door panel covers, headliners and convertible roofs of vehicles. Do not use on surfaces other than fabric like leather, interior trims, glass, stone, and wood. If wrongly used wipe down surface totally with a dry microfiber cloth.


  • Surfaces should be dry and free of any dust, stain, and other contamination. Application should be made in a shaded and well-ventilated area.
  • The product is sprayed approximately 80-100mL for a 1m². Spray with a standard Nasiol CabinCare bottle till the surface becomes slightly wet.
  • Surfaces which do not absorb product should be spread with a cloth slightly. Wait for 24 hours for drying and curing period. Product effectiveness may change according to fabric type. Make a spot test on hidden part of your fabric.


  • Nasiol CabinCare Bottle

Nasiol CabinCare Specifications

Volume 500mL
Application Surfaces Upholsteries, carpets, door panel covers, headliners and convertible roofs of vehicles.
Durability Up to 6 months
Chemical Resistance 11>pH>1
Water Repellency
Oil Repellency
Coating Thickness 75-100nm
Consumption per Unit Area 80-100mL/m²
Consumption Full Interior :
Small Vehicles (A-B Class) : 150-400mL
Medium Vehicles (C-D Class) : 600-800mL
Large Vehicles (E Class & SUV) : 900-1000mL

Seats Only :
1-2 Seater(s) (Bike, Coupe etc.) : 50-150mL
4-5 Seaters (Sedan, Wagon etc.) : 300-400mL
6-7 Seaters (SUV, MPV etc.) : 450-500mL
Temperature Durability 110°C
Application Temperature 5°C-30°C
Curing Period 24 hours
Storage Conditions -3°C to +30°C
Shelf Life 2 years without opening the bottle,
1 month after opening the bottle
Quantity/Parcel 12 pieces
chemical resistance

Chemical Resistance

stain free

Stain Free

easy clean

Easy Clean


High Hydrophobic

non allergic car fabric


What is Nasiol CabinCare, what does it do?

Nasiol CabinCare is a textile protection product applied on the fabric surfaces of car interiors. This nano textile coating provides the surface with water and oil repellency and easy cleaning of even the most challenging stains such as coffee. It protects the color of the car seats and fabric surfaces by providing UV protection. With minimal care, Nasiol CabinCare can provide 6 months of protection.

Can I apply it on leather surfaces? Or are there any other products for leather?

Nasiol CabinCare is suitable for nubuck, suede and fabric surfaces. You can use our product Nasiol Leatherboost on both artificial and genuine leather surfaces.


What is the correct application method?

Nasiol CabinCare is an easy-to-use product thanks to its spray form. Spray the product evenly on the surface until the surface is slightly wet. Be sure to spray the entire surface of the fabric. Let it dry for 24 hours. To apply the product correctly, please watch the application video.

Watch the application video

Where can I obtain price information?

You can obtain detailed information about the product through our official online store, or by reaching us via email or phone:, +90 212 670 13 95

How long is the product’s shelf life? How long after opening the bottle should I finish the product? What are the recommended storage conditions?

An unopened bottle of Nasiol CabinCare can safely be stored for 24 months under the recommended storage conditions. Once the product has been opened and partly used, the bottle should be kept shut tightly and the remaining product should be used within 1 month. For the ideal storage, the ambient temperature should be between -3°C and +30°C.

Can I create my own private label using this product?

You can benefit from our private labeling model for the unbranded Nasiol CabinCare, creating your own brand by choosing from the many options we offer you in the catalog we have prepared for this purpose.

What is the difference between Nasiol CabinCare and Nasiol Nano Seat Protect?

Both Nasiol CabinCare and Nasiol Nano Seat Protect are developed to protect fabric surfaces such as car seats, interior roof, and flooring. Unlike Nasiol Nano Seat Protect, Nasiol CabinCare contains our signature “new car” fragrance. In addition, the durability and water repellency values of the two products are different from each other.

What surfaces can it be applied to?

It can be applied to fabric, textile, velvet, suede, and nubuck surfaces in vehicle interiors.

What surfaces should it not be applied to?

  • Leather
  • Thermosets & Thermoplastics
  • Window Tints & Seals
  • Interior Trims
  • Glass & Wood
  • Metal
  • Stone

If I apply the product on the wrong surface, what should I do?

If the product comes into contact with glass or plastic surfaces while being applied, you can wipe it with a microfiber cloth immediately so that it does not remain on the surface. The product remaining on the surface for a long time will bond with the nano-coated surface and cause white spots that are difficult to remove.

Can I apply Nasiol CabinCare in two layers for the best coating?

Once you have applied Nasiol CabinCare correctly, there is no need for an additional coat. As the surface will already have been covered by the first coat, it is unnecessary to apply the second coat as there will be no additional surface left for Nasiol CabinCare  to bond to.


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