Nasiol CleaRub 105

Heavy Cut Compound


Prepare the surface of a car body for ceramic coating treatment by eliminating major scratches. Nasiol CleaRub 105 is a heavy-cutting compound aimed at rectifying degraded paint works. CleaRub 105 is also the ideal choice for finishing works on resistant top-coatings.


  • Achieve stunning results by using a small amount.
  • Removes severe scratches smoothly.
  • Effective on resistant coatings.
  • Professional grade ingredients that are safe for any color, make and model.
  • Silicon-free.


  • Car
  • Motorcycle
  • Aircraft
  • Train
  • Marine

Rotary Tool: 1400-2000RPM
Orbital Tool: 2000-10000RPM

  • Machine
  • Hands
  • Polish residue should be buffed with a dry lint-free micro-fibre cloth.
  • To achieve the best results of paint protection, use Nasiol nano protection products subsequent to polish.


  • Nasiol CleaRub 105 Bottle


  • Burgundy Polishing Pad
  • Lambs Wool Pad
easy operation

Easy Operation and Fast Results

effective on resistant coatings

Effective on Resistant Coatings

silicone free



What is CleaRub 105?

The CleaRub 105 is the tool paste for the removal of deep scratches and sandpaper marks. With its silicone-free formula, it allows scratches on the surface to be removed from the surface instead of filling them.

How to Apply?

Deep scratch remover is a tool cake and it is recommended to apply it using Nasiol Polishing felt or thick scratch remover burgundy paste sponge with your preferred polishing machine. Handheld use is possible but not recommended due to low efficiency.

You can access the application video with the QR code on the bottle or by going to the product page from our official website.

Where Can I Use It?

It is used on all painted vehicle surfaces with deep scratches.

How to Store the Product After Use? What is the shelf life after opening?

Store the bottle of product in a dry, well-ventilated place, tightly closed, away from heat and sources of fire, at -3°C to +30°C. The product’s shelf life is 2 years from the date of manufacture when stored in an unopened container under the recommended storage conditions.

How to Clean Cake Residues?

You can remove residues with Nasiol Clean front surface cleaner or diluted IPA with Nasiol Microfiber cloth.

Which Pastry Sponge Should I Use It With?

Deep scratch remover is used with Nasiol Yellow lambskin or Nasiol Bordeaux pastry sponge.

Where Can I Buy?

You can contact our sales representative for your order by calling +09 212 670 13 95 or by sending an e-mail to

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