Keep Solar Panels Clean and get High Energy Efficiency with Nano Coatings

Dirty and stained surface of solar panels reduces energy efficiency. That's why it's so important to keep it clean. However, cleaning solar panels is a laborious and costly process.

Cleaning of solar panel surfaces has never been so easy.

Nasiol Nano Coatings have been tested on solar panels. It has been observed that the coated surface can be cleaned even by simply blowing air, and after the rain, the coated surface remains clean, while water stains remain on the uncoated surface.

Results of Nano Coating on Solar Panels

Dust accumulation, dirt and water: The treated panel protective lens cleaned to a cleaner surface than the untreated panel lens utilising an air blower as a cleaning method.

Water spray utilising clean water with no added cleaning additives:

Treated panel – The surface of protective lens cleaned to smoother surface with no water stains visible after drying with an absorbent cloth

Non-treated factory manufactured panel – water stains remained on surface of the protective lens with a more irregular finish after drying with an absorbent cloth.

Conclusion: Nasiol Nano Coating applied to a protective lens of a solar panel provides a cleaner smoother surface that repels water and prevents water staining that make the panel more efficient in terms of cleaning.

With the contribution of our South Africa Distributor "Epik Trading", Nasiol Nano Coatings on solar panels has been tested and approved by MASC.


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